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TGS Partnership Announcement

Match Fit Academy provides you with a college recruiting system that makes sense and makes the job of a college coach a whole lot easier too. We’ve partnered with Total Global Sports (TGS) to give you access to a complete and fully integrated platform to assist you in managing all of your recruiting efforts. Update and share your upcoming game schedule, research schools, connect with college coaches, share the game film and follow a guided timeline to ensure you are on track to accomplish your collegiate goals. If you have additional questions, TGS provides an around-the-clock help desk to cater to your every need. 


What TGS Provides to Players

TGS Player Profiles are automatically linked with a player’s teams, clubs, leagues, and events. No need to add individual league games or team information as it is already in the profile and live in real-time. Thus making the college coaches job that much easier to find the player and see their games.

Knowing that players are always on the go TGS has developed a mobile app that allows players full access to their profiles from anywhere. Make updates to your profile, favorite a new college, and send a game schedule to college coaches. This can all be done in the palm of your hand. Download it Here




The Player Profile is already connected with thousands of college coaches from all across the country. College coaches have full access to your profile at any time. They have their own TGS recruiting app that directly links them with your profile and schedule. TGS has made communicating with colleges a very simple task. With a custom email template, players don’t have to worry about connecting their personal information or profile link. It offers one-touch emails to invite colleges to the player’s upcoming matches.

With our custom algorithm, TGS matches potential colleges with players helping them with their recruiting process. The TGS system will look at your preferred preferences such as location, size, division, and additional items to help match you with the right colleges.Players can access college info, staff info, requirements, cost, and much more. Through the search functions, players can find colleges based on their requirements and learn more about them.

From the start of freshman year to the end of senior year the TGS Player Profile account provides players with a comprehensive checklist keeping them organized and on track with their recruiting needs.


Player Profile Assistance

TGS offers lots of support to players and their families. 

  • Watch A Video Overview of The Player Profile HERE
  • Download the Player app Here
  • Help Guides can be found HERE
  • Submit a Support Ticket Here


Player Webinars

Webinars are for individual players and their families. We encourage parents to be with the player during the webinar. Each webinar is customized for a specific age group along with guest speakers. These webinars cover a wide range of topics and we are always adding new ones. Be sure to sign up quickly as space is limited.

See the upcoming webinars  Here


TGS CAP Program

Whether you’re just starting the recruiting process, in the middle or trying to finalize the right fit our staff can help you with any step of the journey and will give you the expert personal advice you need to make the best decisions for your future. There are over 12,000 college scholarships athletically and academically in addition there are financial aid packages and grants to those that qualify each year. By using the College Advisor Program CAP, we will educate you on the resources and opportunities that are available to you. From this, you will receive the expert advice and personalized attention you need to be successfully recruited.

The TGS College Advisor Program CAP streamlines everything for you, added with a personal specialized College Advisor that works with you and your family to guide you through the process each step of the way.
Schedule a Call so you can learn about this unique program.


TRACE ID - Team Film & Individual Player Highlights (for teams with the service)


Trace/Trace iD Workshop (Video- skip to 4 minutes in)

Trace Workshop Presentation

Trace ID Playlist Presentation

Sample College Email Letter


Support Contacts

Coach and Player Education (Trace iD) Tim Bennett -

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Recruiting Timeline & Process

The college recruiting process is exactly that -- a process. These guidelines are designed to help players and parents understand and develop a timeline of tasks that should be completed over the recruitment years. It should be noted that parents should most definitely be involved in this process, but most communication should come from the player when interacting with colleges and universities. Coaches want to see kids who are independent, can hold a conversation, and are willing to lead; having the parent do most of the communication is typically seen negatively from the coaches perspective. With that in mind, it is encouraged that players begin the administrative process themselves.



9th Grade

• Meet with your high school guidance counselor to set a four-year academic plan.
• Start an academic path that will satisfy NCAA rules (Discuss Core Courses)
• Set short and long-term academic goals with your family
• Understand the path to AP classes for junior and senior years
• Participate in community service and school activities (student government, math club, etc.)
• Research colleges/universities you would like to attend (websites, talk with family members and friends, college guides and publications).
• Set short and long-term soccer goals with your family and/or coach
• Gain experience playing in the showcase events
• Go to area college games (Division I, II, and III) to better understand level and atmosphere
• It is important to start off your high school career with good grades -- freshman year grades DO matter!

10th Grade

• Continue to focus on your academics
• Meet with high school counselor to review and revise your academic plan
• Make sure your class schedule satisfies the NCAA core course requirements
• Review your grades and academic goals with your family
• Understand the path to AP classes for junior and senior years
• Register for the PSAT:
• Identify 20+ schools of interest and categorize schools on:

                  • Dream schools
                  • I think I can play at
                  • I know I can play at
• Research the schools on your interest list in the following areas:

                  • Academic Degrees
                  • Soccer Program and Athletic Department
                  • Private/Public Institution
                  • Enrollment size, location of school and surround areas
                  • Cost of enrollment, Financial Aid, Academic Scholarships
•Contact admissions and financial aid offices to be added to their mailing lists
• Create personalized resume and cover letter
• Correspond with college coaches via email with your cover letter, resume, academic achievements and your teams' tournament/showcase plans
• If you are playing near a school that you are interested in, email them the week of the game
• Before showcases, email all of the schools. (This should be done all the way up until you commit...adding or dropping schools depending on the 
• Meet with your coach/Director to review the school you're interested in attending
• Attend College Night High School functions and MFA College Night
• Visit college campuses

                  • Take admissions tour
                  • Visit the athletic/soccer facilities
                  • Schedule a meeting with a member of the coaching staff
• Unofficial visits

                  • Unlimited number
                  • Organized at the request of the college coach
• Research and attend college summer soccer camps

                  • Most schools have short "elite" camps rather than the full 5 day camp. There are usually less expensive and better players attend. You may be 
                    seen by a number of coaches at some of these camps, as many programs bring in outside coaches from other programs.
                  • You will get a number of inquiries about camps form schools that may appear like recruiting letters. Before you go, find out if you are going to 
                     be recruited or if you were just on the mailing list!
• Soccer research: look at the past 2 years' recruiting classes for those schools
• Fill our the recruiting questionnaire on the schools websites
• Go watch your schools of interest play games or train

11th Grade

• Complete the NCAA Eligibility Center application
• Meet with high school counselor to review and revise your academic plan

                  • Make sure your class schedule satisfies the NCAA core course requirement
• Challenge yourself academically

                  •If possible, take AP and Honors classes
• Narrow your college list to approximately 10-15 schools

                  •Understanding of each schools admittance requirements (ACT/SAT, GPA, etc...)
• Verify SAT and ACT registration deadlines - we recommend to take one of the tests multiple times
• Take SAT or ACT

                  • Have scores sent to NCAA Eligibility Center and schools on your list
• Attend financial aid workshops/obtain financial aid form (FAFSA)
• Review college applications for admittance with family and guidance counselor
• Start requesting letters of recommendation for college applications
• Visit college campuses

                  • Try and visit during the week when class is in session to get a good feel of what the campus looks like during class time
• Update the college coaches on your soccer and academic achievements and tournament/showcases your team will be attending
• Reply to all emails/phone calls from college coaches, keep lines of communication open

                  • If you don't have an interest in a particular school, politely let the coach know
• Meet with your coach/Director to review and revise your college list

                  • Club coach should provide you with a realistic evaluation for what schools on your list make sense from a soccer standpoint
• Attend high school college nights, college fairs and MFA College Night
• Schedule unofficial visits with schools that have shown interest
• Participate in showcase events with your team
• College summer soccer camps for the schools still on your list
• Demand excellence in the classroom

                  • GPA and Class Rank potentially play a role in admissions and financial aid process

12th Grade

• Narrow your school list to approximately 5 schools
• Finalize applications
• Complete applications in the fall
• Allow time to edit and finalize essays and collect letters of recommendations
• Recommended that your teacher or parents review the essays for proofing
• Meet all application/scholarship/financial aid/housing deadlines
• Submit your FAFSA application
• Meet with high school counselor to review and revise your academic plan
            • Make sure your class schedule satisfies the NCAA core course requirement
            • Official High School transcripts be sent to NCAA Eligibility Center (mid year and final) and to schools that received applications
• Official Visits
            • Schedule official visits with schools that have expressed interest
            • If possible, visit during the season when the school plays a home match
• Follow up on all emails, letters, texts messages and phone calls from college coaches
• Take SAT or ACT again if needed
• Meet with your coach/Director to discuss your final list of schools


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