Match Fit Academy Technical Training

Match Fit Academy are pleased to offer a high level class that will improve player’s technical ability and introduce them to an individualized strength & conditioning program. Malcolm Murphy, Match Fit Academy Technical Director, Dominick Bucci, Match Fit Girls Director of Coaching, Jordan Raper, ECNL Director and Brendan Murphy, Match Fit Academy Boys Strength & Conditioning Coach will conduct all of the sessions. This staff has worked with over 30 youth National Team players, 100's of collegiate players asnd the top youth players within their programs over the past 20 years. 

Malcolm Murphy and Dominick Bucci have designed the Technical Program over the last 20 years and have constantly been researching and implementing new ideas and progressive sessions. Jordan Raper and Brendan Murphy have developed one of the top Individualized Strength & Conditioning programs for elite level players in the North East. Both programs are comlimentary to the elite athletes soccer needs and are at the forefront of contemporary soccer player development.

Technical Training (Bucci, Murphy, M.)

This part of the program is designed to help improve players' technical ability, tactical speed, and most importantly, getting them comfortable with the ball. This program will help develop faster play on the ball, confidence on the ball, quick decision making and improve tactical awareness. Also, it will help teach players how to train on their own.

The program is developed to teach individual play and builds up to small group play. It deals with individual and small group techniques and tactics while encouraging players to play faster, smarter, and under pressure.

Strength & Conditioning (Raper, Murphy, B.)

In this portion of the class players will work in the weight room, or using body weight exercises, on a personal strength and conditioning program. In the first week players will follow a physical testing protocol and weight room orientation (if necessary). After that they will follow a fully customized program to help increase muscular strength and/or endurance and help prevent injury. Players will also receive a personalised workout and nutritional plan to follow outside of the class as well as up to date injury prevention material.

Dates, times & venues

Boys Offering:
2007-2005 Boys - Tuesday's, 730-830pm @ Princeton Day School Lower Gym, Princeton NJ - starts January 9 and runs for 8 weeks. $275 per player. (open to female athletes also)
2004-99/00 Boys - Tuesday's, 830-930pm @ Princeton Day School Lower Gym, Princeton NJ  starts January 9 and runs for 8 weeks. $275 per player. (open to female athletes also)
Girls Offering:

2007-2005 - Tuesday's, 8-9pm @ MKA Upper School, Montclair - starts January 9 and runs for 8 weeks. $275 per player.

2004-99/00 - Thursday's, 7-9pm @ MKA Upper School, Montclair - starts January 11 and runs for 8 weeks. $425 per player.

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